Our approach is customized to your business.

Tailored to you

You need choices in how you approach projects based on how you want to run your business and build your team.

Some companies want to outsource and others need to minimize costs while aiming for excellent results and low business risk. Still others prefer for seasoned digital marketers and strategists to work with them hand in hand every step of the way.

CDA has an approach designed to fit your model.

We help you

Save money, time and effort

CDA drives efficiency and profitability by focusing on the right things at the right time. Our collaboration model fosters fast critical thinking; our unparalleled experience as a Shopify and Shopify Plus partner means we know how to navigate the extensive Shopify universe; and our no-overhead cost structure means you can create a custom solution for your business without busting your budget. All of this comes together at Chief Digital Advisors to give you the high-ROI partner you’ve been searching for.

Build your team

No matter what level of service you choose, we act both as a coach and a player, educating your team, while making sure we get stuff done as your team learns. This approach means that not only will you get the growth that your business model needs, you'll get a team that is prepared to use all your new tools effectively.

Minimize risk

Our offerings are designed to help merchants take big steps with minimum risk. How does CDA ensure smooth growth for your business? Our extensive experience with Shopify and its many connected technologies allows us to help you predict and eliminate common risks. We offer flexible plans, tailored to your needs, that provide options and resources should you run into the sort of roadblocks that can derail a project. Finally, it's in our nature to help you succeed: We are driven to find the fastest and best solution for you. If we can help you reach your goals in less time with less cost, that is what we will do, because we know that your results are in our best interest.

  • DIY

    Do it yourself

    We create a custom plan of attack and you go to work — at your own pace.

  • DIY+

    Do it yourself + our help

    We lean in to complement your team where needed.

  • DIFY

    Do it for you

    We take the lead, executing and launching your program.

  • DIWY+

    Do it with you

    Once your program is in place, we provide the guidance & insights you need to optimize results.

  • Migrate to Shopify

    Accelerate your business.

  • Marketing Automation

    Automate the path to purchase.

  • Customer Service

    Drive down costs. Delight customers.

  • Integrations & Operations

    Scale through optimization.


Let's get started.

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