Who We Are

The CDA team applies their decades of e-commerce, Sales, and Marketing technology experience to develop and implement the most effective, scalable, and cost-effective solutions for your business.

As one of the very first Shopify Plus Partners, we have unparalleled knowledge and experience with the Shopify and Shopify Plus platform and ecosystem. We apply that knowledge and experience to projects ranging from shop migrations to technology integration work and helping automate the customers journey across the path to purchase

We serve as player-coaches, tailoring our role based on the needs of our clients' business. We coach and advise where our client is looking for guidance on technology decisions or implementation plans. We execute as a player alongside client team members to expedite execution, capability building, organizational learning, and key business results.

We are focused on being:


Seek the fastest and most efficient methods and strategies to drive well thought out strategies and decisions across all points of collaboration with our clients, focusing on being highly effective, lean and fast-moving


Assert thinking and key considerations throughout client engagements and be both forward-thinking and explicit about the work you are contributing to and the vision you are building together

Results driven

Focus on delivering near-term results while building a foundation of capabilities to enable the business to scale to achieve long term success

A decisioning resource

Help our clients make better and more impactful strategic decisions by helping them understand the implications of their business and technical options throughout all interactions

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