Automate the Path to Purchase

Take the next step in turning prospects into customers. Maximize your marketing effectiveness with smart, automated communications. These automated touches, when crafted to both pull prospects closer to your brand and to guide them through the path to purchase, are foundational for scaling your business.  

We apply our decades of marketing automation experience to your business to find the fastest, best, highest ROI approach that drive results. Game changing results.

Getting started with CDA

Regardless of how we engage with your business, we begin with getting grounded in your current capabilities and marketing performance:

      • Analytics Review as a baseline for performance
      • Team Capability Assessment for mapping responsibilities against your custom Plan of Attack
      • Custom Plan of Attack outlining who, what, when, and how, in order to maximize speed and minimize cost & risk
      • Technology Stack Review to help you build your roadmap moving forward
      • Technology & Partner Recommendations based on your situation and goals

Choose how you want to Get Stuff Done (GSD)

Select Technology Partners

Ready to go?

Start with a free consultation. Get in touch and we'll talk through how CDA can help accelerate your business.